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This is not an usual “about me” section for a professional website but it is my personal viewpoint on my working life.

So, if you are interested in the details of my career, please visit my LinkedIn profile.

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From law to compliance

I did not decide consciously to transit from law to compliance, even though this trend has been booming recently. Indeed, my transition has been a natural journey that had already begun several years before – maybe since my first position.

I first worked in a non-profit organization involves in the fight against cybercrime and represents its members – providers of internet services – before national and European institutions. There, I discovered regulatory affairs by the lobbying side.​ I understood that I needed to achieve my graduation for the recognition of my peers and besides, to get a chance to land a job.

That’s what I did fifteen years ago. I passed my Bachelor Degree of Law and concluded my studies by a six months training in the IP-IT department of one of the French largest law firms. I learnt everything there.

High regulated sectors became my target area.

Then, working in the health and research sector was a ready-made-path as a specialist in digital law and personal data protection. The high volume of sensitive data processed in ultra-secure information systems became my favorite playground. I have been a Data Protection Officer a couple of times.

​And at the end of a fixed term contract in a health national public organization, I tried to launch my own consulting activity as an entrepreneur.


In fact, I worked for three years without any management procedures or any flair for business either. Prospecting new customers or obtaining the payment of my invoices did not sound important to me.

Today, I know that an understanding of what a business was missing to this first attempt. My last position as Head of Legal and Compliance/DPO has taught me this part of the job.

Thus, it works better.

FZ Consulting services - creating trust

Creating trust 

Compliance is all about creating trust. It provides a common foundation for secure interaction and thereby increases economic development for both providers and users.

Assessing, checking, auditing to make sure the service is reliable and the transaction is secure are not the part of the business that buyers prefer. On the other side, demonstrating, convincing, proving is not a bed of roses either for providers. Time spent and so, financial impacts for building confidence are significant.

This is where I come in. In an increasingly complex IT environment, I support my clients for building trust by managing the extensive issues related to regulatory compliance.

My consulting services consist in providing responsive and consistent advice and support on GRC issues. Among other missions, my favorite one is to develop the required controls (policies, processes and procedures) to achieve certifications.

FZCS Connection and contribution

Connection and contribution

Life is short, time is precious, there is no place for wasting our energy.

I always keep in mind this obviousness especially in a professional context. This is why, efficiency is my key driver. It is also a very good reason to make any project a pleasant moment and any work a delightful game of skills.

​Making things comfortable is not a coincidence, it is about pragmatic processes and caring considerations. I have always tried to use my interest in psychology and personal development as a suitable mean to improve soft skills like understanding, communication and adaptability. These are the basis of the needed confidence for achieving any challenging project. At least it is a half of the job.​

Expertise and knowledge have never been enough for the full success of a project. But a cohesive and enthusiastic team can lead to results no matter the unexpected issues are met.

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Going independent is like starting all over from scratch. My new consultant life is as exciting as challenging.

If you are starting your business and are interested in some tips or if you are just curious about how to take the plunge (or maybe if you want to improve your French – the English version of my blog is not available) please visit my blog.

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