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IT Governance, Entreprise risk and Compliance

Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) in today’s highly complex regulatory environment is a complex business challenge. The new developments in laws and IT standards increase accountability and potential exposure to liability. 
In that context, organizations need to ensure that robust compliance management systems are in place.

FZ consulting services help companies to define and to implement GRC program to align the management of information system with business objectives.
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Enterprise risk

As the IT threats increase in number and complexity and technologies become essential for meeting the customers’ needs and regulatory requirements, enterprise risk management must build trust.

We help companies create a resilient and trusted information system by using methods and processes to manage risks and seize opportunities related to the achievement of the business objectives. As well as they are managed, the cyber risks can also be used as a source of growth and market edge.

FZ consulting helps companies to apply leading security practices and also build ones that are fit for specific businesses. We provide a framework for risk management which involves risk assessment that comply with ISO 27005 and ISO 27001, response strategy and monitoring processes.

  • Implement a risk management approach

  • Carry out cyber risk analysis and assess the risk of third-party vendors

  • Create a framework based on standards and the regulatory ecosystem

  • Develop a comprehensive end-to-end management of compliance programs that identifies the regulatory, legal and standards requirements and best practices applying to organizations

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Compliance management

Managing IS compliance is no easy task. As new laws and regulations are introduced and demands from regulatory authorities for greater transparency and security are increased, the requirements on businesses build up. Organizations are expected to provide more reporting and compliance.


FZ consulting provides organizations with consistent, efficient and cost-effective ways to meet their compliance obligations and thus, allows organizations to spend less time on compliance activities and focusing on their core business activities.

Our services provide a clear and logical approach that helps companies plan, organize, control and lead activities that ensure compliance with laws and standards.

  • Develop and implement company policies, procedures and controls

  • Assist companies with internal audits, third-party audits or certification audit

  • Prepare reports and provide supporting documentation

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